PURE Food Grade Hoses from Parker Hannifin
Parker's PURE™ food grade hoses
Parker's PURE food grade hoses enable a clean and safe transfer of a wide variety of foods, beverages and sanitary materials. Our products are offered in a comprehensive range of constructions and also offer multiple colors, pressures, sizes and temperature capabilities to meet customer needs. All of our food grade hoses meet government and industry standards and our hose tubes are suitable for a variety of markets. They also offer full suction capability and kink resistance to extend their usability and enhanced cover options for convenient cleaning. Explore our markets below and learn more about Parker PURE hoses.
Parker's food grade color coded hose allows for simple product selection. Built to withstand harsh processing applications, where hoses are subject to multiple cycles of sanitary cleaning methods, like clean-in-place (CIP) a simplification process using aggressive cleaning agents and high temperatures to maintain sanitary conditions.
In every step of its design, Parker's food grade hose is manufactured to deliver a quality product. Produced on stainless steel mandrels the clean innertube is made of FDA-compliant materials and applied in a seamless manner to eliminate voids or gaps where bacteria could accumulate.
You can count on Parker's food grade hose for clean transfer, delivering a safe product. Built with quality materials and constructions and tested to the most stringent standards to meet performance requirements and government/industry standards.
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GMP Certification
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certification
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certification means a hose has met the following criteria:
  • Produced in a factory that has met strict cleanliness criteria. Material traceability and quality systems are in place and active.
  • The whole hose meets FDA requirements for the materials of construction (beyond just the tube).
  • The finished product will not absorb media, nor will the media extract any non-regulated/non-permissible substance. No layer of the hose will migrate nor contain any substance that will migrate into the media.
Hoses that have been certified to GMP can be found by looking for the GMP icon.  

Cover Options
PURE Standard Cover
High grade, UV and ozone resistant, vulcanized rubber, smooth cover
PURE PRO Cover Options
Abrasion resistant, corrugated, non-marking, low friction, easy to clean, UHMWPE cover
PURE PLUS Cover Options
Deep corrugation, external PVC helix, crush resistant, low friction, extreme flexibility
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